Progressive start: help build the start page (directory) for the progressive movement

Write Letters

Write Letters to the Editor (PriNews)

Dean Rapid Response Network (keep the media accountable)

Help get grassroots radio ads on the air

Truth and Hope Swing State Radio Project and blog

Print flyers, bumper stickers, etc.

For PDF files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download it here.

Liberal Oasis is offering a doc file with "suggested answers for tough questions about John Kerry" (not meant as a handout)

UDecide: PDF flyers for undecided voters

Affordable Healthcare for All fliers

StraightTalk/Campaign for America's Future fliers

Assorted fliers at (making the case against Bush in layman's terms, emphasizing Get Out the Vote)

The Bush Record vs. The Kerry Plan (from the DNC) issue by issue PDFs

Take Your Country Back

Dick Cheney Presided Over The Biggest Cutbacks In Defense Programs In Modern History (PDF, by jc)

Why Evangelical Christians Must Vote Against George W. Bush, by Oscar (also available as a trifold brochure, PDF)

President Bush: Flip-Flopper-In-Chief (includes link to printable PDF)

Sec. of Defense Dick Cheney's comments from 1991, on why we didn't go into Baghdad (3-to-a-page PDF, by Demetrius)

Day in the Life of Joe Middle-Class Republican from TV News Lies (includes a link to a printable PDF)

Anti-Bush flyers from

Anti-Bush flyers from

Grassroots Graphics

Print your own Flat Howard

Stay connected and active with the Dean grassroots community

National Dean Meetup

Dean Leaders

Blog Orientation 101

Meet the Blog Family (blogger bios)

Buy Dean/Democracy for America Gear

Dean Grassroots Store

People-Powered Gear (young Howard Dean gear, Flat Howard, Democracy for America)

All Things Dean (jc's Cafe Press shop)

Blogs and Groups

Dean Leaders Blog

My Vote is My Voice

Grassroots for America: a resource for progressive grassroots organizations across the country to help them

Democracy Forum (formerly Dean Issues Forum)

Democracy for America Resources

DFA Bytes Activist PDF Library: simple how to's of how to set up a steering committee, how to design a budget (complete with a sample budget), how to recruit volunteers, information on types of fundraisers, get out the vote for local elections, how to recruit candidates, sample agendas--you name it. This link is through Truth and

Democracy for America posters and bumper stickers by jc

I am Howard Dean's special interest...and John Kerry's probation officer bumper sticker (PDF, by Renee in Ohio)

Democracy for America flyers and nametags by Tim in Augusta Georgia

Democracy for America Meetup flyer and other resources by Linda in Iowa

DIY Politics (Kimmy Cash)

If you have any links to add to this resource page please e-mail me at renee(at) Use @ where you see (at) in the address--that is there to thwart the evil bots that are out to grab e-mail addresses for spam purposes.

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See Ya George (by 2 Unemployed Democrats Co.)

Shirts So Good (anti-Bush shirts and buttons and more)

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